Rodgers, others, invest in helmet company

QB says he'll wear new helmet in 2019

Mike Clemens
February 08, 2019 - 3:37 pm

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SEATTLE -- Aaron Rodgers has invested more funds into a Seattle - based football helmet company to replace the Ridell helmet worn by NFL, college, and high school football players. 

The VICIS Zero1 helmet is designed to better absorb impact and protect players from concussions. For example the facemask can flex like a car bumper in collisions. 

Rodgers has been joined by other NFL players as major investors in the helmet company, including the Washington Redskins Alex Smith, and Seatle Seahawks Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin.

Pro Football Hall of Fame players like Roger Staubach and Jerry Rice are also reportedly investors. 

The helmet is being used already in 1,200 high school football programs across the nation. 

Rodgers says he plans to wear the new helmet during the 2019 season. That would likely require some sort of approval from the NFL. 

The price tag on a single Zero1 helmet is $950.00.  READ MORE