"Coaches don’t want inconsistency"

NFL film analyst Andy Benoit talks NFL free agency

Evan Heffelfinger
March 24, 2020 - 3:01 pm

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The Packers have struggled to retain a quality backup QB since Matt Flynn left the team for Seattle in 2012, with failed experiments with Brett Hundley and DeShone Kizer fresh on Packers fans minds. Aaron Rodgers is towards the end of his career, and has shown to be susceptible to injuries in the past, that have derailed Packers seasons.

Would you like an ecperienced starter like Jameis Winston or Cam Newton as the Packers backup QB behind Rodgers? 


Andy Benoit, long time NFL film analyst, gave his answer to Bill on Tuesday, saying that coaches like to avoid inconsistent play that QB's like Jameis and Cam have shown. He joined the show to give us his thoughts on all things NFL free agency:

- Is Tampa Bay with Brady now an immediate contender?

- Who are some players that can come in and step up for the Packers immediately at receiver?

- What does he think of the moves the Packers have made so far this season?

Listen to the full interview below!