"Realistically, 2022 is the year"

Andy Herman talks future of Rodgers/Love!

Evan Heffelfinger
May 13, 2020 - 1:50 pm

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The talk of the state of Wisconsin since April has been the drafting of QB Jordan Love in the first round, effectively putting a shot clock on the end of the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay. 

While no one knows how this will play out, and when the switch will ultimately happen, it appears a trade within the next two years doesn't seem likely - thought it's not impossible.


Andy Herman, Packers writer for PackerReport.com/Pack-A-Day Podcast, wrote an article on the possibility of Rodgers being traded, and he joined Bill Wednesday to talk about the potential trade:

What did he take away from the drafting of Jordan Love?

- Will drafting Jordan Love end up being a moot point if he sits behind Rodgers for his cheap years?

In reality, when does he see the Packers making the move at QB?

What are the logistics on the money side of trading Aaron Rodgers over the next two years?

How much of a distraction will the QB battle be in the locker room this year?

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Listen to the full interview below!