Do the Brewers need another SP?

Bill and Radio Joe get heated!

Joe Zenzola
October 18, 2018 - 4:18 pm

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After Clayton Kershaw rebounded in Game 5 to help beat the Brewers, Bill Michaels made the case that it's still important for the Brewers to have a significant starting pitcher on their staff. Going into the offseason, Bill believes David Stearns needs to add another starter via free agency or trade.

Me on the other hand? The Brewers have a plethora of arms, many of which have played pivotal roles in the postseason! I don't believe Stearns needs to add to the depth they already have. To me, there's no crisis right now with the future of this pitching staff. Let it figure itself out in 2019, and if guys struggle leading into the Trade Deadline, then consider making an addition then.

Where do you stand?

We'll also chat with Chuck Freimund from 105.7 FM The FAN and Harold Reynolds from MLB Network in this hour long segment of the show!

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