Brewers in the red?

Bill reacts to Mark Attanasio's comments!

Evan Heffelfinger
February 19, 2020 - 11:52 am

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The Brewers 2019 season ended a bit bittersweet, as the franchise reached the NL Wild Card game following an improbable September, only to fall in heartbreaking fashion to the eventual World Series champion Nationals. The payroll was the highest in team history, and the Brewers have made no secret this offseason they were cutting costs.

Recently, owner Mark Attanasio relayed to the media that the team operated in the red last season (not including the renovations on the Spring Training facilities in Arizona). Do you believe the team operated in the red this past season? And if they did, will the Brewers ever be able to compete with the financial inequality present in baseball?

The Bill Michaels Show replayed Attanasio's comments, where the owner admits they wanted to re-sign Yasmani Grandal but couldn't afford it, and that while they operated in the red Attanasio never said no to getting a player because of money. Bill and Radio Joe then spent some time reacting to the comments, and whether we should choose to believe Attanasio or not.

Listen to the full podcast below!