Can Yelich become the best in MLB? Insider Bob Nightengale answers!

Bill Michaels
February 27, 2020 - 2:15 pm

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The Brewers face a lot of questions this season, as the roster has seen quite the overhaul over the last few months. One of the mainstays is Christian Yelich, looking to build on his elite past two seasons (and recover fully from a broken kneecap). If Yelich puts up the same numbers he has the past two seasons, can he be considered the best player in the MLB?


Bob Nightengale, our Sports MLB Insider, joined Bill on Thursday to answer and to talk all things Brewers and MLB as Spring Training is underway: 

- What are his thoughts on the Brewers starting rotation this season?

- How big of a problem does the MLB have if small market teams are losing so much money?

- Will there ever be a salary cap and floor?

- What is an under the radar team to be on the lookout for this season?

- How will the new three batter minimum affect how Craig Counsell will manage?

Listen to the full interview below!