"Don't expect it in the fall"

Brett McMurphy on potential NCAA Football season

Evan Heffelfinger
April 15, 2020 - 3:22 pm
NCAA Football: Iowa at Wisconsin

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When it comes to the coronavirus, it is widely known that life as we know it has changed, and that sports are at a halt. The one thing widely not known is when we'll see our sports again.

Over the past months various reports have come out on hypothesized dates, whether with or without fans, but it all boils down to three words: We Don't Know.

But, if you had to guess, will we see a college football season? 


Brett McMurphy, College Football Insider for the Stadium Network, joined Bill Wednesday to relay his timetable for college football, talk about potential playoff expansion and more:

What does he think of the idea of spring football?

What does he think of the current College Football Playoffs layout?

What does he think will eventually happen to the number of teams in the College Football Playoffs?

Listen to the full interview below!