Why no MVP love for Yelich?

Curtis Granderson has a logical answer

Joe Zenzola
September 05, 2018 - 7:05 pm

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Wednesday night, I caught up with new Brewers outfielder Curtis Granderson. 

A wealth of knowledge, Granderson had a logical explanation as to why Christian Yelich isn't getting enough attention nationally for the NL MVP award.

"From a fans perspective, this is one of those things baseball in general needs to do a better job of...You have a lot of players in these markets that are very regional...They need to put more of these games on MLB Network, but not in September, do it in May, do it in June, do it in July...If you're trying to grow the game, and trying to highlight all the exciting players like Mike Trout, here's an easier way to do it." 

I also spoke with him on numerous topics including...

- How's his transition been since being traded to the Brewers?

- Have players already picked his brain?

- What are they key traits for any postseason caliber to have?

- Is Game 3 vs the Cubs a must-win?

- What does he make of all these Cubs fans infiltrating Miller Park?

- Being from Chicago, was he a Cubs or Sox fan? (You'll be surprised with his answer)

Full interview below!