"Things just fall right for the NFL sometimes"

Super Bowl champ Brian Billick explains!

Bill Michaels
March 17, 2020 - 2:56 pm

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The NFL has been the only show in town this week, as all other sports have halted their seasons due to the coronavirus outbreak. The Free Agency Tampering period began Monday morning, and since then it's been an avalanche of trades and signings, highlighted by Tom Brady deciding it's time for him to move on from New England.

Comparative to everything else going on in life, how crazy has the past couple days of the NFL been?


Brian Billick, Super Bowl winning head coach and current NFL Network Analyst, told Bill on Tuesday that the NFL just has a way of having everything fall right for them - and this is an example. He joined the show to talk about the coronavirus, Tom Brady, the moves the Packers have made and more:

- How shocked is he at Tom Brady leaving New England?

- What are his thoughts on the shocking trades of Stefon Diggs and DeAndre Hopkins?

- What are the Packers needs, and have they addressed them already?

- How has the coronavirus affected the NFL Network and the NFL?

- What are his thoughts on the 17 game season the CBA passed?

Listen to the full interview below!