"Deal has to be done this week"

MLB Analyst Bruce Levine weighs in!

Evan Heffelfinger
May 12, 2020 - 2:49 pm
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The baseball season became in jeopardy after being placed on hiatus in early March due to COVID-19, and while talks have increased in the last few weeks to bring the sport back, no agreement has been reached.

According to reports, the owners have a plan in place for an 82 game season, and will meet with the MLB Players Union with the goals of getting them to agree to the proposal - though it may be harder than thought.

The players are worried about their safety, and their families safety, as well as the fact that they would need to take a pay cut in order to resume play.

Do you think we'll see the MLB return in 2020?


Bruce Levine, MLB Analyst for 670 The Score in Chicago, joined the show to talk about the MLB proposals, some other challenges the MLB is facing in resuming play, and more:

Is it in bad taste for baseball to be haggling about money in a global pandemic?

- Is the divide between the players and the owners on resuming play mainly about money, or is it all about player health?

Will this go to a drop dead point or are we getting closer to a start date being announced?

How much different are the scenarios now in the social media age compared to the last time baseball striked in 1994?

Listen to the full interview below!