"I thought we had lost him"

Matthews mom remembers childhood accident nearly cost his life

Mike Clemens
February 11, 2019 - 4:10 pm

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GREEN BAY, WI - The family nicknamed him "Psycho." 

Packers linebacker Clay Matthews III, was one of four boys born to Leslie and Clay Matthews Jr., who played linebacker for 19 seasons in the NFL for the Cleveland Browns, and later the Atlanta Falcons. The couple also had a daughter, Jennifer. 

"Clay was a great kid, but honestly, I didn’t know that he would make it to adulthood. I had a feeling he might be in a body bag," says Mrs. Matthews. "He was just, he would push it to the limit with everything he did — from skateboarding to dragging the trampoline over and jumping off the roof and into the pool. I ended up in an ambulance with him. He was knocked unconscious from a skateboard accident."

In a Super Bowl ad paying tribute to emergency first responders, Matthews recalls the day he suffered a head injury that left him bloody and unconscious.

Matthews, 32, says he was about 5 or 6 years old and loved riding a scooter that resembled a metal skateboard with handle bars.

His father was in New York playing in a road game for the Browns that weekend. 

Matthews says he lost control of the skateboard and went flying over the handle bars and on to the asphalt pavement. 

"He was a wild child," says Mrs. Matthews, who was told her boy had suffered a concussion, and had swelling of the brain.  She says the first responders  helped her that day because they were able to talk to her and guide her through this process. She remembers gettng a hug from one of the emergency workers during a very emotional time. 

She says didn’t know whether her son would survive. The hug was powerful and important to her.

Matthews says had it not been for the quick response of EMT's that day, the family is not sure what the outcome might have been. CLICK FOR VIDEO: