Counsell: "We have to add pitching"

Brewers skipper breaks down offseason w/ Bill!

Joe Zenzola
November 28, 2017 - 2:36 pm

Sportsradio 105.7 FM The FAN


Brewers manager Craig Counsell joined Sportsradio 105.7 FM The FAN at their 11th Annual Toy Drive to benefit the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Among some of the notable exchanges with Bill: 


On adding to the rotation

"There's no question we're going to have to add some pitching, add some innings to what we already have now...(Anderson, Davies, Woodruff, Suter, Hader) - that's not enough. We need to add to that group. We'll tackle it in off-season" 


On making future additions to the team:

"Especially here in MKE, we have to be prudent and smart with our decisions, and know we're exposing ourselves to a lot of you pursue more short term stuff, or continue the long term view? It's probably both."


On Mark Attanasio:

"Mark has been very clear that he will spend the money when it's time to spend the money & when it's right to spend it...I don't have any question about that. Mark is probably pushing us, & at times we have to slow him down to make sure it's right"


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