"Jordan was a pathological competitor"

670 The Score's Dan Bernstein talks MJ

Evan Heffelfinger
March 31, 2020 - 3:31 pm

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When asked about the most competitive athletes of all time, a first name for many is Michael Jordan. Jordan owns one of the most unique, decorated, and interesting careers in professional sports history, and ESPN will be going deeper than ever before on Jordan in their 10 hour documentary series, slated to start airing April 19th called "The Last Dance". 

What was covering MJ like?


Dan Bernstein, longtime host on 670 The Score and current co-host of Bernstein and McKnight on The Score in Chicago, joined Bill on Tuesday to talk about the documentary, what it was like to cover Jordan during his career, and more:

- What does he remember most about covering Michael Jordan?

- What was MJ’s relationship like with golf and baseball?

- Did the death of his dad change his play style?

- Just how dominant were the 90’s Bulls?

Listen to the full interview below!