Sly Stearns?

GM talks Yelich, Brewers topics

Bill Michaels
March 03, 2020 - 2:29 pm
david stearns bill michaels

The Brewers faced some criticism this offseason for cutting payroll after reaching the playoffs for a second consecutive season. So far in Spring Training the squad has performed well, and optimism is growing for the Brewers in what figures to be the hardest division in baseball, the NL Central. Where do the Brewers stand in the NL Central?

Brewers President of Baseball Operations and General Manager David Stearns joined Bill live from Arizona on Tuesday to answer, and to talk all things Brewers as the spring rolls on. Keep in mind, Stearns spoke to Bill BEFORE they reportedly signed Christian Yelich to a long-term extension:

- What does the starting rotation look like currently?

- What are the positional battles to watch for as the spring moves on?

- How much will the three batter minimum change the way the team looks at pitching analytically?

- What is the structure of how a move is made - does David have to report to Owner Mark Attanasio before a move is made?

Listen to the can't miss interview below!