Does Giannis have to be LeBron?

Gus Johnson thinks so!

Joe Zenzola
April 17, 2018 - 4:19 pm

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Bill Michaels had a chance to catch up with Gus Johnson, who occasionally calls Bucks games on Fox Sports Wisconsin.

He spoke very candidly about the Bucks' situation, including Giannis' role. In his eyes, he needs to play on LeBron James' level.

"Giannis is such a nice kid," Johnson says. "He's tries so hard to be a good teammate...he's averaging during the regular season 33 [points] against the Celtics. You know what? To win this game, to win this series, he might have to have 45 [points]...Sometimes [Michael] Jordan would score 40 to win...or 50...there's your analytics."

"Sometimes the best player needs to be selfish because through his selfishness, he is actually being unselfish with his team... 'LeBron, you might have to have 40 tonight to beat Indiana'; 'Giannis, you might have to score 40' and that's OK, and your teammates will the Alpha Dog from the very beginning, don't wait, get yourself involved."

Do the Bucks have a leader in the lockerroom? Johnson doesn't think so. "The Bucks don't have a true leader; we know Giannis is the best player, but who's the guy that's going to lead them?"

More from Gus in the full interview below, including his take on analytics in the game today.