"It’s an abomination"

Emily Waldon talks challenges of MiLB players

Evan Heffelfinger
July 13, 2020 - 2:34 pm
minor league baseball

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One of the casualties in the sports world this year was the cancellation of the minor league baseball season, a major blow to the prospects who were on the doorsteps of the major leagues, or were at a critical point in their development.

The minor league players as is don't make much money in their season (a major talking point of the offseason), so losing that year of pay hurts more than it would for MLB players if they didn't get to stay.

What can the MLB do to treat their minor league players better?


Emily Waldon, National Prospect Writer for The Athletic, joined Tim Allen on Monday to talk about the ridiculous way the MLB treats the minor leagues, what this year off will do for development, and more:

- How will the year off affect the long term growth of prospects?

- Can the minor leaguers go and play unaffiliated baseball during this one year hiatus?

What has she been up to with no minor leagues?

How will minor league affiliates be affected long term?

- What is the day to day life like for a poor minor leaguer?