"A good deal of trust"

Eric Nehm details Bucks meeting with Giannis

Evan Heffelfinger
September 17, 2020 - 3:03 pm

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A lot of speculation has been thrown out about what was said in the lunch meeting between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Bucks brass last week, determining the future of Giannis in Milwaukee.

While most of the conversation has been private, reports have come out that Bucks owner Marc Lasry is willing to go into the luxury tax to keep Giannis in the city, and to keep a winning team on the court.

Giannis has yet to commit publicly to signing either a supermax extension or any extension at all, but based on his social media the last few weeks, he's committed to at least the next season of Bucks basketball.

Do you think Giannis will sign long term? What moves can the Bucks make to remain competitive?


Eric Nehm, Milwaukee Basketball Insider for The Athletic, joined Ramie Makhlouf to break down the lunch meeting, the future of Giannis in Milwaukee, and more:

Are the Bucks really under contract to NOT talk about offering Giannis a supermax extension?

- Is there trust between Giannis and the Bucks owners?

How is Giannis and Khris’s relationship?

What are some routes the Bucks should be looking into this offseason?

Listen to the full interview below!