"He's done a tremendous job"

Buster Olney on GM David Stearns

Joe Zenzola
July 27, 2018 - 2:45 pm

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The love for Milwaukee Brewers GM David Stearns continues to pour in...

ESPN Baseball Insider Buster Olney paid a visit to The Bill Michaels Show to share his thoughts on the direction of the organization under Stearns. 

Olney thinks Stearns has done a "tremendous job" since he succeeded Doug Melvin. He has spoken to several GMs around the game who say that Stearns handles potential trades "very carefully; he's extremely deliberate, not the gunslinger GM".

Furthermore, Olney says, "You have a lot of faith that David is going to make the right deal."

In addition to this, Buster Olney and Kevin Holden of CBS 58 in Milwaukee (who was filling in for Bill) discusses these other topics...

- Will the Brewers make another trade before the Deadline?

- Is there still a solid trade market for starting pitchers?

- Will the Nationals end up being sellers?

- Are the Padres ready to make a big splash? 

- Did the Yankees make great moves? 

Full interview below!