"Everyone should stand for the Anthem"

HOFamer Mike Haynes discusses!

Joe Zenzola
June 13, 2018 - 10:33 am

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Pro Football Hall-of-Fame Cornerback Mike Haynes joined us and had this perspective when it came to players protesting during the National Anthem: 

"I believe we all should stand up for the National Anthem...Everybody, all Americans...the protests should either be before or after the anthem."

He elaborates on this and more, including...

- How difficult is it for a player to transition from one team to another?

- Has Green Bay become a destinational place to go play?

- What's one of his coolest moments in Green Bay?

- Is it good for the NFL to have a team in Vegas?

- Being a cancer survivor, how important is for middle-age men to be checked for prostate cancer?

Full interview below!