"‘An out is an out’ doesn’t hold true"

Billy Ripken talks state of baseball

Evan Heffelfinger
February 18, 2020 - 3:11 pm

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Major League Baseball has seen a trend the last few seasons of increased home runs, but at the cost of a much higher strikeout rate across the league. Are you worried about the increased dependency on the long ball in baseball?


Former MLB infielder, current MLB Network Analyst and author of the new book "STATE OF PLAY: The Old School Guide to New School Baseball" Billy Ripken joined Bill on Tuesday to talk about the new strategy for hitters, the current state of baseball, and a lot more:

- What does he make of the emergence of the homerun or bust offense?

- Have managers lost a feel for the game with the emergence of numbers and statistics?

- What does he think of the new rules for this season, especially the three batter minimum?

Listen to the full interview below!