"Playing against time"

Greg Jennings on Rodgers

Evan Heffelfinger
January 28, 2020 - 3:23 pm

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The Packers of the early 2010's boasted one of the best receiving corps in NFL history, led by the fantastic duo of Greg Jennings and Jordy Nelson. Since that group broke up a couple seasons ago, it has been a struggle at receiver for the Green and Gold, despite Davante Adams proving he's a top five receiver in the league. Are the struggles just part of Aaron Rodgers getting older, or is it the personel around him?


Former Packer Greg Jennings joined Bill live on Radio Row Tuesday to reflect on his career with the Packers, and to figure out what exactly is going wrong with Rodgers and the receiving corps:

- What is it like to be a receiver for Aaron Rodgers?

- What did he see differently from Rodgers this year?

- Is it concerning to see Rodgers showing his age more?

- Why is he transitioning into becoming a body builder?

Listen to the full can't-miss interview below!