"Trading Rodgers now would be suicide"

Former Packer VP Andrew Brandt talks draft!

Evan Heffelfinger
May 01, 2020 - 3:17 pm

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The response to the drafting of QB Jordan Love has been understandably mixed, as it spells the end of Aaron Rodgers' tenure in Green Bay eventually, and sees the team starting to plan for the future instead of focusing on now.

The biggest problem with drafting Love, is that Rodgers still has four years left on his contract, and his cap hit the next two years would be well over $30 million each year, so he's not the most prime candidate to be traded

Is it possible to trade Aaron Rodgers or Jordan Love, and in the end would it even be a smart idea?


Andrew Brandt, Former Packers VP/Columnist for the MMQB/Executive Director at the Moorad Center at Villanova, joined Bill Friday to talk about trading Rodgers or Love, the relationship of the front office and their QB, and more:

- What are his thoughts on the drafting of Aaron Rodgers’ replacement?

Having gone through a situation like this with Brett Favre, what are his thoughts on the situation?

Could Rodgers play so well that Love ever gets a chance?

Does he understand why the Packers are doing this?

Listen to the fascinating full interview below!