"There are flaws in this CBA"

Former Packers VP Andrew Brandt talks CBA!

Bill Michaels
March 11, 2020 - 3:23 pm

The new proposed NFL CBA has been a hot topic of conversation the past few weeks, as some veterans like Aaron Rodgers, JJ Watt and Russel Wilson have fought against it, while younger players have generally been for it. A CBA will never be perfect as it involves a lot of compromise, but are you a fan of the new proposed CBA?


Andrew Brandt, former Packers VP and current host of the Business of Sports Podcast, joined Bill on Wednesday to detail the flaws in the CBA, talk some Packers football, and more:

- What role does he think coronavirus will play in the NFL?

- What kind of moves does he think the Packers will make this offseason?

- What does the front office structure of the Packers look like?

- What are his thoughts on the moves the Packers have made the past couple years?

- What moves still need to be made for the Packers to become bonafide Super Bowl contenders? 

Listen to the full interview below!