"Brewers are in a good spot"

MLB Analyst Harold Reynolds explains!

Joe Zenzola
October 18, 2018 - 3:45 pm

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Although they trail 3-2 in the National League Championship Series, MLB Network Analyst Harold Reynolds believes the Brewers are in a good spot heading into Game 6 at Miller Park.

"These things turn with pressure. I really feel like they can continue to play this bullpen game, and they can make it work. The [Brewers] pitching is that great down there that they can hold them off."

Bill and Harold discusses a myriad of topics including...

- Does playing on home turf swing momentum in a series?

- Can baseball teams construct their pitching staffs by "bullpenning"? Is that where the game is going?

- Would "bullpenning" lead to rule changes?

- Is sabermetrics taking over the "old school" way of thinking?

Full interview below!