Has Hader reached his true potential?

Former MIL Pitcher Jerry Augustine discusses

Joe Zenzola
April 19, 2018 - 12:16 pm

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Former Milwaukee Brewers Pitcher Jerry Augustine, now an analyst for Fox Sports Wisconsin, had a chance to catch up with Bill on the state of the Crew. 

Josh Hader continues to show his dominance on the mound, both in high leverage and closing situations. However, is he anywhere close to achieving his full potential?

Jerry Augustine: "I think Josh Hader can do anything."

Could he be the next Chris Sale or Madison Bumgarner? Or is pitching out of the bullpen the more permanent fit?

Also discussed in this interview:

- What's his analysis of Christian Yelich at the plate?

- What has led to Jonathan Villar's resurgence?

- What are his concerns with the inconsistent starting rotation?

- How different is pitching in the game compared to ten years ago?

Full interview below!