How it went wrong in Packerland

Can McCarthy vs. Rodgers be fixed?

Mike Clemens
November 29, 2018 - 2:02 pm

Green Bay, WI - When you go from a 2018 Super Bowl pick (for some), to a win/loss record of 4-6-1 in November, your game is going to get picked apart. 

Not only have national sports networks questioned Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers footwork, and passing decisions, they say he wants his head coach Mike McCarthy fired after 13 seasons in Green Bay. 

I asked for Rodgers reaction to those stories in the video posted here on this page. 

Would beating the 2-9 floundering Arizona Cardinals, and winning the remaining four games of the season change that storyline?

"Yeah, why not?" said Rodgers. "If we lose, you guys are just going to write us off, so [we] might as well let it all hang out these last five [games]."

Rodgers turns 35 - years - old this Sunday, so once again his window of opportunity to win at least a second Super Bowl ring in his career is getting smaller. 

"Obviously, I've got a lot more gray in the beard than I did a few years ago," said Rodgers at postgame press conference after losing 24-17 to the Vikings Sunday night. "So I know that football mortality catches up to everybody, and you never want to lose a season - especially when you felt great starting the season about our prospects. But we're going to battle the next five weeks and put ourselves in a position to be in the conversation. Then hopefully it'll be enough, and like I always say, you've just got to get in. So we've got to win these five and see what happens."

Rodgers denies the team going 0-6 this season on the road has anything to do with his quarterback mechanics. 

"I don't think I need to respond about fundamentals," Rodgers told reporters. "I mean, I drill the fundamentals. I throw how I throw. I'm not playing any different this year. It's just we're not completing as many passes percentage-wise.

"I listen to my quarterback coach and my offensive coordinator and my head coach. I study myself. I'm very critical of my own film. I'm not playing any differently, fundamental-wise. You can't have it both ways. You can't love it when it's a certain way and then critique it when it's the other way. I mean, you guys can because that's what you guys get paid to do. Again, that's the news cycle. They're going to pick at things when you're in a situation like this where we're at. We're 4-6-1 so it comes with the territory."

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