"Bucks winning is good for health of NBA"

Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck talks Bucks!

Bill Michaels
February 26, 2020 - 2:37 pm

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The Bucks shook off a rough start to grab a huge road win over last season's NBA Champs, the Raptors. Despite the Bucks 50-8 record, some people have wondered whether the Bucks need a second superstar to pair with Giannis for them to win it all. Is it good for NBA if the Bucks can win without two superstars... or is it even possible?

Howard Beck, Senior Reporter for Bleacher Report, told Bill on Wednesday that if the Bucks can win with this roster, it would be great for the health of the NBA, as it shows you don't need twp superstars to win it all. He talked all things Bucks as we inch closer to the playoffs: 

- How big of a win was it for the Bucks last night?

- Does he think Giannis will win back to back MVPs?

- Is there anything else the Bucks need to become the favorites?

- Do the Bucks need another superstar to pair with Giannis to get over the top?

- Can anyone in the East knock off the Bucks in the playoffs?

Listen to the full interview below!