"One of the best values in the first round"

Jim Callis talks Brewers draft

Evan Heffelfinger
June 16, 2020 - 2:47 pm
Garrett Mitchell



The Brewers entered the 2020 shortened MLB Draft with one of the worst farm systems in the MLB, and while just one draft most likely won't change that fact, the franchise still added five quality prospects.

For all five of their picks, the Brewers took college position players, with all five of the players up-the-middle defenders with a lot of tools - and a lot of questions.

What are the Brewers getting with their newest draft picks?


Jim Callis, Senior Writer for MLBPipeline.com, joined Bill Tuesday to give us the lowdown on all of the Brewers draft picks, his rankings and more: 

What are his thoughts on the Brewers farm system post draft?

- Does he like the Brewers drafting of Garrett Mitchell?

Did the shortened draft change teams stances on high school prospects?

What does he see from the guys the Brewers drafted in the 2nd-5th round?

How does he come up with his prospect rankings?

Listen to the full interview below!