Jimmy Graham - disappointment?

Only two touchdowns in ten weeks

Mike Clemens
November 12, 2018 - 6:48 am

Green Bay, WI - When the Green Bay Packers signed Jimmy Graham to a three-year deal worth $30 million in free agency, was the plan to only have two touchdowns by Week 10?

Or only 1 catch for 14 yards Sunday in what should have been a blow out over the Miami Dolphins at Lambeau Field?

 The final was 31 - 12.

The Packers game plan was about a running attack, finally,  and a break out performance from running back Aaron Jones who rushed for 145 yards on 15 carries, and two touchdowns. He also caught two passes for 27 yards. 

It wasn't a big day again for the Packers tight ends. Veteran Marcedes Lewis, another free agency addition,  finally got some attention from Aaron Rodgers when he slipped him a short pass down the left hash mark. Lewis responded with a 30 yard gain.

It was only his second reception of the entire season thus far.

It ended up being about the best looking offensive drive the Packers have had in weeks. Quick. Crisp. Except for one miscommunication between Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers that resulted in an air ball to the Dolphins sidelines, it was 5 plays, for 60 yards, and a 10 yard dash for Aaron Jones for a touchdown to go up 21-12. 

For several weeks, Lewis barely had any snaps, despite not being listed on the injury report. 

"I was blocking tonight," Graham joked at his locker after the game in a rare interview.

He only speaks to the media about once a month. 

"I know everyone knows me for running 'go' routes, and snagging touchdowns. But I think I've dedicated myself to being a part of the run." 

Graham says he prides himself in helping with down field blocks and being a team player. 

Lewis and Graham by all accounts are good locker room guys. Veteran leaders. You have to wonder - it is mid-November -are they wondering why Green Bay brought them here if they're not going to be used as weapons? For now they're highly paid blockers or decoys, that is IF they're on the field. 

Hey, the Packers won. Davante Adams caught two touchdown passes. After losing three of their last four games, Green Bay finally got back in the win column. The Packers defense created two turnovers, and held the Dolphins offense (who were missing three starting offensive lineman) to just four Jason Sanders field goals. 

But Green Bay already has four loses. And a tie, that should have been a loss if the Vikings place kicker had not gone 0-3 on three do-able attempts in perfect outdoor weather conditions. He was cut the next morning. 

So while fans still scratch their heads on what is wrong with the Green Bay Packers offense, add Lewis and Graham to the equation. 

They should also be involved a lot more. 

Are they really "too slow?" Can they not get open? Or are the plays not designed to get them in a favorable match-up? 

Next is a short week of recovery and prep as the Packers will leave a day early for Seattle, around 6pm Tuesday evening, to face the Seahawks in Seattle for the dreaded Thursday Night Football. Most veterans bodies only begin to feel healed after a Sunday game on Thursday's. The schedule doesn't allow much time for coaches to prep their players as well. 

Graham was asked about facing his former team, and the recent passing of owner Paul Allen, who by all accounts, was a beloved owner and employer. Graham responded by saying he had no qualms playing the Seahawks, and when he began to speak about Allen, he paused, and began to choke up. Emotional. "He,...he was...a great. Ah. Sorry. Still too soon." Interview over. 

Graham had a horrible experience as a child. At age 11, his mother, in the military, abandoned him at group home for boys, who beat him. He had to fight for food.  READ MORE

But on this Veterans Day Jimmy Graham was proud and respectful of the veterans honored during pregame ceremonies, and later allowed to enter the team locker room after the game. One man, a veteran in a wheel chair, missing both legs, was holding a microphone and interviewing Aaron Rodgers at his locker after the quarterback had showered and spoken to the media in his post-game press conference. He stuck around to talk to the vets in a locker room that by then was nearly empty, except for Graham, and a few remaining reporters. 

In the offseason Graham is a pilot for his Angel Flight program, transporting patients in need of further care across the country.

In a way Graham himself is another great soldier.