"No more prepared team than Brewers"

Jon Morosi talks Counsell and Brewers!

Evan Heffelfinger
September 29, 2020 - 2:38 pm

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The Brewers just barely sneaked into the playoffs this season, their third straight year the Brewers will play postseason baseball - the longest streak in franchise history.

A lot of the praise goes to GM/POBO David Stearns, but a lot of praise belongs to Manager Craig Counsell too. 

Counsell has manipulated the roster and pitching staff in unorthodox yet effective ways, leading the small market Brewers to the postseason after losing multiple key free agents. 

What do you think of the job Craig Counsell has done as Manager?


Jon Morosi, of the MLB Network and Fox Sports Insider, joined Bill Tuesday to talk Counsell, Brewers, MLB playoffs, and more:

How can the Brewers win this series against the Dodgers?

- Is there a reason why he thinks some of the bigger names in baseball have been struggling this year?

With the Brewers being such an underdog, can the no-stress Brewers pose a threat to the Dodgers?

Is pitching the biggest advantage in the postseason?

Listen to the full interview below!