"All it takes is one player getting sick"

JR Radcliffe talks COVID-19 fallout

Evan Heffelfinger
April 06, 2020 - 2:59 pm

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The sports world came crashing to a screeching halt in early March as Utah Jazz star forward Rudy Gobert became the first professional athlete to test positive for the coronavirus, effectively shutting down all of professional sports.

The NBA season had about 20 games left, and the MLB season was less than a month away from starting, and now there's no timetable set for the return of sports in the United States.

What needs to happen for sports to be back, and when will sports be back?


JR Radcliffe, sports reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, joined Bill Monday to answer, and to talk about the affect the hiatus has had on all of professional sports:

- Does he expect the NBA season to resume or be cancelled?

- Will the Bucks be named champions?

- What are his thoughts on the NBA moving the start of the season back?

- How far back can the MLB season be pushed back before they have to cancel it?

Listen to the full interview below!