"Not convinced Boston has enough"

NBC Sports Kurt Helin talks Bucks!

Bill Michaels
March 06, 2020 - 2:59 pm
Milwaukee Bucks

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The Bucks hold a nine game lead over the second seeded Raptors in the Eastern conference with 20 games left, almost certainly meaning the Bucks will have home court advantage throughout the playoffs. Is there any team in the East that can challenge or even knock off the Bucks this season?


Kurt Helin, Lead NBA Writer for NBCSports.com, told Bill a team to watch is the Celtics, but he's not 100 percent certain about them. He joined Bill Friday to talk about the Bucks, the MVP race and more:

- Does he think Giannis will leave Milwaukee?

- How big of a game is tonight, from both an MVP and NBA Finals perspective?

- If the Bucks can win by double digits, how big of a confidence builder would it be?

- Is there a team in the West that can beat either of the Los Angeles teams?

Listen to the full interview below!