So what is Rodgers like?

Books, game shows, golf, action adventure films and more

Mike Clemens
May 28, 2019 - 7:19 pm

@Jeff Hanish USA Today Sports


Green Bay, WI - What is Aaron Rodgers like?

He’s smart. He has a fast processor.

A few years ago a veteran newspaper reporter was discussing the amount of yards Rodgers had rushed for during the first month of the season.

“You know, you’re averaging, what, like 27, 28 yards per game. I mean, if you keep that up…”

Before the writer could finish his sentence Rodgers said “452?”

The reporter paused, not knowing what Rodgers meant.

“Well let’s see, um, 28 yards times 16 games…that would be…”

“Ya, 452,” answered Rodgers.

“Oh. Ya. Right! 452 yards for the season,” said the reporter, still counting on his fingers and toes.

Rodgers also has an incredible memory. And he knows it.

When asked the other day about learning Matt LaFleur’s offense, Rodgers says he knows teammates are depending on his memory to get them through a practice.

He can recall sequences of plays from games from 10 years ago with about 90% accuracy on the down and distance, play called, who was the receiver, who was the defender. Brett Favre was pretty good at that as well. These players (and coaches) live these battles on the field, then review them several times in film study.  

Clearly Aaron Rodgers lives for competition.

Away from football, Rodgers enjoys golf, watching “Jeopardy,” and action adventure films and features. He’s a huge fan of the “John Wick” series of films starring Keanu Reeves.

Rodgers likes “Jeopardy” so much that in 2015 he got producers to give him a shot at “Celebrity Jeopardy.” He competed against “Shark Tanks” Kevin O’Leary and NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly.

Rodgers won.

He donated the $50.000.00 cash prize to the MACC Fund.

Rodgers enjoys witnessing competition, in person.

The Kentucky Derby. He was in the pits for current girlfriend Danica Patrick’s final race at the Indy 500 last year. Wisconsin Badgers basketball games. And Milwaukee Bucks games. He’s a minority owner of the NBA franchise.

He’s watched every episode the of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones” the past 10 years. He liked the show so much he flew to Belfast to be an extra in the final episode.

After taking questions about football and how the Packers OTA’s are going so far for about 10 minutes, Rodgers went off on a rant about what character should have been crowned the king in “Game Of Thrones.”If you watch this video, this is pretty close to the real Aaron Rodgers when he’s just hanging out at his locker, talking about his hobbies or current topics. CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO:

Rodgers and teammate David Bakhtiari have attended the Bucks playoff games, chugging beers for the fans and Jumbotron cameras. At the end of Q&A I asked him if he is aware just how much “juice” his presence, the Brewers Christian Yelich also attending, adds to the fun of the experience for fans?

“I don’t think they need any more juice there. The stadium has been fantastic,” said Rodgers. On the video you’ll hear a raspy voice reporter ask Rodgers if fans can expect Rodgers to chug any beers at the next Bucks game. That’s former Packers fullback John Kuhn, who is now working for the team’s website as an analyst.

“No, don’t expect anything. Right John? One of the “Four Agreements.” Don’t have any expectations. You should know better,” replied Rodgers.

The “Four Agreements?” What is that?

“The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom,” is a New York Times best seller published in November of 1997.

The book says if you abide by these four rules, most of your problems in life will be settled.

Be impeccable with your word.

Don’t take anything personally

Don’t make assumptions

Always do your best.

The author, Don Miguel Ruiz, has quite a story to tell.

Born in Mexico, Ruiz was the youngest of 13 children. He attended medical school to become a doctor. He became a surgeon.

A near fatal car accident changed his life.

Ruiz went to live with his mother and during his recovery and studied the Mexican Toltec culture’s beliefs on how someone can achieve personal freedom.

“The Four Agreements” was featured on Oprah Winfrey. It sold over 7 million copies.

His troubles didn’t end there. A heart attack in 2002 lead eventually to a heart transplant in 2010. He’s has written other books since then.

So, whether it’s learning Matt LaFleur’s offense, attending Bucks games, golf, a break down of “Game Of Thrones” or endorsing a best- selling personal guidebook, hanging out with Aaron Rodgers for 15 minutes can sometimes be a whirlwind of conversational topics.

Food for thought.