"Built to succeed..."

Bucks GM Jon Horst

Joe Zenzola
February 08, 2019 - 11:47 am

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The Milwaukee Bucks are rolling; they have the best record in the NBA. They got even better with the recent addition of Nikola Mirotic. 

GM Jon Horst has made countless moves that have proved to show why the Bucks have been so impressive in recent decades. 

"Undoubtedly, we're in a great place," Horst says. "This is not a flash in the pan, not just one year of success. We're built to succeed for a long period of time." 

Bill went one-on-one with Horst and discussed a lot including....

- How difficult is it to keep team chemistry together when you're making trades? 

- Did he expect this Bucks team to be this good?

- What has he thought of Mike Budenholzer's job?

- How challenging will this off-season be to keep the core together?

- Did they kick the tires on Anthony Davis?

- How will they fill that final roster spot?

- How will Mirotic fit in the rotation?

- How does he view the national and global perception of the Bucks?

Full interview below!