"A logistical mess"

Pete Fiutak talks return to NCAA Football

Evan Heffelfinger
June 18, 2020 - 2:46 pm

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When the coronavirus shut the world down in early March, the thought was that the football season wouldn't be affected outside of training camps because it was so far away.

Now, three months into COVID-19, the season may not necessarily be in doubt, but there are a lot more questions that are popping up about player safety and whether it's even feasible to have a season. 

With Dr. Fauci earlier today saying that football could only be played if they play in a bubble-type atmosphere like the NBA, it makes the issue even more of a question.

Do you think we'll have a college football season?


Pete Fiutak, Publisher of CollegeFootballNews.com, joined Bill on Thursday to talk about the return to college football, whether it makes sense, and more:

How can the players stay safe enough to have a season?

Do we have college football, uninterrupted, in 2020?

What will happen if/when players test positive for the coronavirus?

Why are colleges opening up their campuses?

Listen to the full interview below!