"I've been very blessed"

HOFamer Jerry Kramer joins us!

Joe Zenzola
August 08, 2018 - 10:36 am

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He joined an elite group of football players over the weekend...

After decades of waiting, Green Bay Packers offensive line great Jerry Kramer joined us on the show to discuss his induction into the Pro Football Hall-of-Fame. 

Jerry and Bill discussed a lot including...

- What did it mean to have his kids there, especially his daughter Alicia who fought really hard getting him into the Hall?

- Were there moments during his time in Canton that where he said 'WOW'?

- Can he fault Terrell Owens for not being there? 

- How many of his teammates has he been able to catch up with leading up to his induction?

- How much did Vince Lombardi change and inspire the lives of the players he coached? 

Full interview below!