Play ball!

RDC Sports' Jon Heyman on MLB's return

Joe Zenzola
June 23, 2020 - 11:52 am
Rob Manfred

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"We do have baseball. Rob Manfred has set a schedule, so 'play ball'."

That was Sports MLB insider Jon Heyman earlier today on our show. While the owners and union could not come to an agreement on Monday, Manfred has exercised the right to implement the March 26th agreement in order to have a season. So now what?

Heyman caught up with Bill to share the latest details including...

- There are no more snags to prevent baseball from happening this year, right?

- Will there still be expanded playoffs and universal DH this year?

- Will these games have extra innings? 

- Will every team have to work out from their home stadium?

- Is July 24th still the target date for the season restart?

- What will things look like for the 2021 season? Can MLB survive after this year? 

Full interview below!