"Packers aren't far away"

Radio.com NFL Insider Ross Tucker explains!

Evan Heffelfinger
January 21, 2020 - 3:11 pm

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The Packers were outscored 74-28 in their two matchups with the NFC Champ 49ers this season, falling behind early and not making much of a push to get the lead back. How far behind the 49ers is this Packers team?


Radio.com Sports NFL Insider Ross Tucker doesn't think they're too far at all. He joined Bill on Tuesday to answer that question, and to give us his thoughts on the Packers season and the NFL as we head into the Super Bowl:

- Why was San Francisco so efficient in the run game?

- Who does he favor in the Super Bowl? 

- How big is the talent gap between the Packers and 49ers?

- Who does he think the Packers should retain in free agency?

Listen to the rest of the full interview below!