"It made you wonder ‘why?’"

Rick Telander talks "The Last Dance"

Evan Heffelfinger
April 28, 2020 - 3:09 pm

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"The Last Dance" has taken over the sports world, as older NBA fans get to reminisce about Michael Jordan and his greatness, and younger fans get to learn about the Bulls dynasty of the 1990's, and what led to the destruction of the dynasty. 

One of the more common topics of discussion that has come from the documentary's first four episodes is why GM Jerry Krause and owner Jerry Reinsdorf decided to move on from coach Phil Jackson despite him winning the franchise six championships, including three in his last three years.


Why did the Bulls decide to let go of Phil Jackson?


Rick Telander, Sports Columnist for the Chicago Sun-Times and contributor to "The Last Dance", joined Bill Tuesday to talk about the documentary, Phil Jackson and Jerry Krause's relationship, and more:

- Are memories flooding back after every single episode?

How accurately is the series representing all circumstances, especially Jerry Krause?

What does he think of the job Phil Jackson did coaching the team?

- Does he think a team or player could get away with what Dennis Rodman did?

Was it weird watching the team knowing this was going to be the last run?

Listen to the fascinating conversation below!