Rodgers: Won't "turn off 11 years"

Mike Clemens
June 17, 2019 - 2:28 pm


GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It's considered common knowledge, at this point, that Aaron Rodgers is one of the most physically gifted passers and smartest minds under center in the NFL.

In some cases, those two gifts can seemingly be at odds with one another. His knowledge of opposing defenses, so rich, and his arm, so alive, that he can often reasess a best-case option for his offense based on his ability to make, or perhaps force, plays that other quarterbacks could never make. It's a well-documented reality of his time under Mike McCarthy that he would often change plays at the line or take the offense off schedule to take the higher-risk/higher-reward shot. Whether Rodgers' cavalier attitude at the line of scrimmage ultimately helped keep the Packers' offense afloat...or sank it...will likely be a mystery -- unless his work with new head coach Matt LaFleur's offense can tip the scales one way or another.

If he continues his audible-happy ways and the team wins, he and LaFleur will seem like kings. If the team loses, the finger pointing will intensify in the direction of No. 12 -- not his head coach. 

LaFleur's offense, derivative of the Mike Shanahan / Sean McVay coaching tree, is built on fundamentals and simplicity, in a certain sense; that means running plays as called and on schedule -- something at odds with the aforementioned profile of Rodgers' quarterbacking.

So, will Rodgers give in to that demand of LaFleur's offense, or will LaFleur have to give some added leash to his MVP passer? Time will tell. But if the team minicamp is any indication, Rodgers seems reluctant to ditch his "gunslinger" mentality cold-turkey. Michael Silver had a chance to take-in both Rodgers' and LaFleur's sides of the pair's early relationship, sharing his takeaways in his latest for