"Silly to give both sides credit"

Scott Miller talks challenges of the MLB

Evan Heffelfinger
June 16, 2020 - 2:26 pm
rob manfred, MLB

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As it stands in the MLB currently, the players are ready to get back to work - on their terms. The owners want play to resume and baseball to be back on the field and TV - on their terms.

Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of the MLB, went from 100% confident there would be a season to not confident within five days.

Basically, it's a mess.

At this point in the negotiations, who's in the right, who's in the wrong, and is it possible that both sides are wrong?


Scott Miller, MLB Columnist for Bleacher Report/SiriusXM MLB Network Radio, joined Bill on Tuesday to talk about the dysfunction of the MLB, the battle of returning to play, and more:

Could the owners possibly look any worse than they currently do?

- Does he see any end in sight?

- What can the MLB do to bring fans back after all this?

What needs to be done to reach an agreement?

Listen to the full interview below!