Thompson honored

Mike Clemens
May 06, 2019 - 6:18 pm

Sportsradio 105.7 FM The FAN


Green Bay, WI - Mark Murphy said he would never want to get into a poker game with Ted Thompson. 

The Packers CEO/President also said his job is tough, that he has fired a lot of people over the years, but that "Mike McCarthy should someday be inducted into the Packers Hall of Fame."

It was a night of reflection, and some mending of relationships after 18 months of an overall of football operations in Green Bay. 

Former Packers General Manager Ted Thompson was inducted into the team's Hall of Fame before a large dinner audience that filled the Lambeau Field Atrium Saturday night. 

Jordy Nelson was there. So was Mason Crosby. 

And former Packers LeRoy Butler, Gary Ellerson, Lynn Dickey, and Chester Marcol. 

Bob Harlan, Ron Wolf. And plenty of former front office folks, now mostly working for other teams competing in NFL.  Browns GM John Dorsey, his VP Eliot Wolf, and Dolphins personnel executive Reggie McKenzie. 

Brett Favre met privately in person with Thompson the day before the event in Green Bay. Favre was in town shooting an upcoming interview with Petyon Manning. He later phoned in from Mississipi during the ceremony to say hello to the fans, former co-workers, and congratulate Thompson publicly. "I love you all," said Favre as he ended the phone call. Aaron Rodgers provided a heartfelt video tribute to Thompson "for sticking up for me in 2008 during the change (when Favre was traded to the Jets)" that was presented to the audience. 

Thompson,who has dealth with undisclosed health issues in recent years, beamed with pride as he took to the stage to thank the Packers organization for the honor of being only the third general manager inducted, following Vince Lombardi, and his mentor Ron Wolf. 

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