Giannis denies Harvard quotes

Joe Zenzola
October 24, 2019 - 1:01 pm

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Giannis Antetokounmpo's future has been a topic of conversation both locally and nationally, and last week a story came out quoting Giannis, saying that if the Bucks perform under expectations and don't win, it would make him signing a contract extension a bit harder.

Giannis, before the Bucks' first game of the season in Houston, told reporters that his quote was taken out of context

Here's more from Giannis talking to the media ahead of Bucks/Rockets:

Giannis told Contra, a Greek website, that he is still committed to the Bucks:

"I'm closing in on the seventh season in Milwaukee, how quickly the years go by... To reach where I am today, I have worked a lot and I continue to do so. It's hard to lead a team because it's not something you do just for five games, but for the entire season. You must always be ready to live up to the team's expectations and your expectations. The team has helped me and my family from the beginning. It made us feel at home and I wish we stay together for many more years. My goal this year is to win the championship with the Bucks, which is something that requires a lot of work. It's hard, I'm not going to lie to you. If we had won our third game with the Raptors last season, probably I would have been an NBA champion at 24. It is hard, but we learn from our mistakes and I wish we will not repeat them when we reach the same point. My goal every year is to win something, whether I'm playing for the Bucks or the national team."

Read the full Contra article HERE

Our Milwaukee Basketball Insider Eric Nehm also weighed in on Giannis refuting those quotes. He joined Bill on Thursday's show! Full interview below!