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Can improving special teams improve Packers' record?

February 14, 2019 - 5:50 pm

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Sloppy, unproductive and downright bad special teams play has been a thorn in the Packers' sides for too many years. In a rough 2018 season, special teams play – be it fumbled kickoff returns, bad holds on field goal tries, etc. – likely cost the team a couple in the win column.

All in all, the special teams play can’t get much worse in Green Bay as Jim Owczarski discusses for PackersNews.com. As a result, special teams coordinator Ron Zook was one of just two formal firings as Matt LaFleur took the coaching staff’s reins. The Packers have a new man in that role, Shawn Mennenga, with the hope of cleaning-up the sloppy, unproductive and downright bad play.

But in an NFL that continues to minimize the prominence of special teams, specifically kickoff returns, does the so-called “third phase” of the game still hold the same importance? Should improving the phase be a priority for the Packers this offseason? Can fixing special teams mistakes make a difference in the win-loss column? What can the team do to improve on special teams, both personnel and scheme-wise? READ HERE