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Be wary of head coach candidates with no NFL experience...

December 28, 2018 - 7:23 am

The search for the next Packers head coach gained steam earlier this week when the team interviewed a pair of fizzled-out former NFL head coaches: Jim Caldwell and Chuck Pagano. But is a fresh, young face with new ideas and an energetic message a better choice? It might not be if that face has no experience in the NFL.

From Oklahoma's Lincoln Riley to Northwestern's Pat Fitzgerald, a handful of successful college coaches have had their names appear on the rumor mill -- not just for the Packers' head coach vacancy, but across the NFL. However, if history is any indication, NFL newcomers (i.e. guys who never coached OR played at the NFL level) don't typically pan out. 

Pete Dougherty explains why in his latest for PackersNews.com.