East Palo Alto to Pro Bowls

Adams' rise from tough upbringing

Bill Michaels
September 03, 2019 - 5:53 pm

When you see plays like the one above, you probably cheer. And you should. What you probably don't do is ponder Davante Adams' upbringing, his journey to the NFL and the person he is behind the visor. However, the latter is an inseparable factor in the former. 

A tough upbringing in East Palo Alto, California had Adams experiencing things as a child and teenager that most people never will and others wish they never had.

It’s not normal for a 14-year-old boy to run for cover as a drive-by shooting leaves the wall he hides behind full of bullets. It’s not normal for that same boy to dodge off-field distractions and excel as a youth athlete…let alone play collegiately…let alone go pro. It might not be normal, but it is the life Adams knows.

4,197 yards, 39 touchdowns and two Pro Bowl appearances might be what define Adams’ five NFL seasons, but they do little to define Adams the person and his journey from East Palo Alto kid to Pro Bowl wide receiver.

Michael Silver shares Adams’ story for NFL.com.