True Story, Not Just A Sales Pitch

NuMale Medical Center Changed My Life!

Bill Michaels
September 12, 2017 - 2:45 pm

It started out as a sales call and ended up and a “WOW, my life is better” moment.

In September of 2013 I met with the guys over at NuMale Medical Center about some advertising.  They explained to me their process and treatments for ED (Erectile Dysfunction).  When Dr. Chris Asandra asked me if I wanted a treatment to see for myself how the product worked, I told him thanks but I’m good in that area. As I found more about their center, we started to discuss Low T (Low Testosterone). 

When he asked me some questions, as a man over 30, I began to realize that I had every symptom that he described.  (Weight gain, tired, low motivation, “brain fog” at times)

The Doc immediately set me up for a Low T treatment and within a couple of days… Wow! The energy level was back, mentally I was clear and focused, I was in the gym with a noticeable amount of stamina.

My workouts were better and the weight loss began immediately.  To date I've dropped a ton of weight and I’m feeling great. I could go on and on about the process but the bottom line is… it works. 

If you suffer from any of the symptoms that I described above, it’s worth a call to my guys over at the NuMale Medical Center.  It may not be for you and that’s okay, but if it is…. they can change your life.  Isn’t that worth a call?

Call 414-455-4451 and tell Dr. Chris Asandra that I sent you!

– Bill