"What the hell happened in GB?"

Tyler Dunne talks Rodgers/McCarthy feud

Joe Zenzola
April 05, 2019 - 11:02 am

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It has been a firestorm of reaction over the last 24 hours...

Packers fans across the state have a myriad of thoughts surrounding Tyler Dunne's piece on the feud between Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers. 

Tyler caught up with Bill on Friday's show to discuss it all.

- How long did it take to put this piece together?

- How strong were the opinions of the sources he spoke to?

- What surprised him the most when he was gathering this information?

- What is the $2.5 billion question surrounding the organization going forward?

- Was Mark Murphy right to take control of the situation? Should it have been done sooner?

Check out Tyler's full piece here

Full interview below!