Rodgers opens up in interview

Mike Clemens
July 19, 2019 - 4:07 pm

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South Lake Tahoe, Nevada - Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers competed again in the American Century Championship at Edgewood Golf Club in South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, finishing the celebrity golf tournament in 21st place.

Rodgers has participated in the tournament every year since he was drafted by the Packers in 2005. This year's winner was former Cowboys quarterback and CBS NFL analyst Tony Romo. 

What's really of interest to Packers fans is to hear an informal interview Rodgers conducted with NBC Sports host Chris Simms, who apparently convinced Rodgers to let him walk along side during the tournament for a few holes, mic'd up, and just carry on a causal conversation about the NFL, and Rodgers growth as a quarterback. 

Maybe it was the right moment, the right atmosphere, but I found the interview fascinating in that this is the Aaron Rodgers who talks off camera, off microphone at his locker, around the team facilities, or in production meetings with the play-by-play crew the day before a game broadcast. 

Who is the greatest defensive player he's competed against? Rodgers says Charles Woodson, and goes into detail how the defensive back challenged him in practice, and created turnovers in games. He also mentions the imposing Julius Peppers. There was no mention of Clay Matthews.  

Rodgers goes into detail on just how much time he spends gathering knowledge about what other elite athletes are doing to be the best. He says there is a lot of available information thanks to social media on where players are working out, who is their trainer, nutritional tips, and more. 

One of the least covered aspects of the NFL is the offseason preparation it takes to even compete for a roster spot once training camp arrives. First of all, for many athletes, it's practically classified information. Why would they want to share any new training technique in such a competitive business? Why would a 5-star chef publish the secret ingredients in his most popular recipe? 

Secondly, does watching NFL players run or lift weights in the gym really make for great TV?

Tom Brady has been open about his routine, from sleep, to nutrition, and workouts, or so we think, in his book "The TB 12 Method," but that's because he's selling books, and supplies. 

In this interview you'll hear Aaron Rodgers discuss finding out why Kobe Bryant would work out at 2AM, or the things Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry has done to stay at the top of his game. 

Rodgers has some straightforward answers about the new free agent additions to this year's Packers roster, and his own challenges to prepare himself for the coming season. He reveals to Simms how he's evolved his throw, new pass interference replay rules, learning under Brett Favre and more.

It's not the best audio, using wireless mic's on a golf course - but for as guarded as Rodgers can be before the media, only granting a handful of one-on-one interviews the past 10 years, this is some insight as to how Rodgers thinks, and the most important aspect of his lifestyle and personality - Preparation. Preparation. Preparation. CLICK FOR VIDEO HERE