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The Van Horn Truck Center Really Treated Us Right

As you know, there are many decisions in life that are considered “major”; marriage, a new home, having children, a new vehicle. We’ll this past year, hell in the last 2 months I have done them all. Sherry and I got married and now share a mixed family of 6 wonderful kids. In addition, we sold my... Read More

My Time With Kareem Abdul Jabbar

He’s not a gentle giant, he’s an intellectual, deep thinking, athlete. He’s a scholar, a cancer survivor, a lover of jazz, a wannabe musician, a believer in a social conscience and, now, a friend. When I was in 6th grade, I was approaching 6’5’’. I, and my dad, believed that I would still keep... Read More

Nike's Banking On A Bold Statement

The adage in marketing is, any publicity is good publicity. In the case of Nike naming Colin Kaepernick, the focus of their new ad campaign, its not good, it’s huge. Like it or not, everyone is talking about Nike. Now, will this turn in to sales? I’ve been boycotting Nike for years, but if you... Read More

Bucks Open FiServ Forum And Now Must Win

Well the FiServ Sorum is officially open and now we wait. No, not for comedian Jim Gaffigan or the star power of Justin Timberlake but for something even brighter with more bling, the Jim O’Brien Trophy. The Milwaukee Bucks new home opens its doors with a promise that has lead to optimism, real... Read More

Who Really Knows What The Helmet Rule Is

Coaches, players and fans understand and appreciate that the NFL wants to make the game safer. We all want to believe that the NFL really does have the best interest of the players and the game in the forefront. However, after just a couple of weeks of pre-season football, alarm bells are going off... Read More

Since So Many Have Asked, Here's An Update...

And UPDATE for / to YOU! I sit here tonight, in….as Sherry calls it…my “old man chair” and I have finally had the chance to read all of the reactions to Sherry’s post about my brush with lightning. While I wasn’t the victim of a direct lightning strike, I still felt the impact from the nearby surge... Read More

It's time to bring him in

The Packers are 2 pre-season games in to this young 2018 campaign and it’s time. It’s time to get it done. Ron Wolf went out and found Reggie White and that started the ball rolling for the Lombardi Trophy returning to Title Town. Ted Thompson took Brett Favre at his word when it came to retirement... Read More

He was long overdue

When the Pro Football Hall Of Fame opened its doors to Jerry Kramer, it received a football player, yes….but so much more. A Packer, gentleman, a scholar, a philosopher, teacher, historian and a father. After speaking with Jerry yesterday, he harkened back to his moment on that stage in Canton,... Read More

Meyer deserves to be fired, IF...

When it comes to major college sports, nothing is bigger in the state of Ohio than Buckeye football. And nothing, from no one, had better screw with the program or its head coach. That’s usually the thought process from the passionate fan base. That was until Jim Tressel lied to the NCAA and the... Read More